To Help You Tolerate The Heat


Does the summer HEAT bother you?






One Drop Does It All

HEAT-N-SYNC Helps You Tolerate the HEAT!

  • Does your body 'shut down' in the heat?
  • Do you feel tired and dragged out from the heat?
  • Does the heat keep you from doing routine chores or going outdoors?

If you're tired of being tired from the heat try HEAT-N-SYNC and experience the difference.


C. L.—Sutter Creek, CA

"I was very skeptical, having extreme issues with the sun and heat.

I don't know any other way to explain other than my body would "shut
down". After applying it [the lotion] for several days, it does make a difference.

I recently attended an outdoor graduation followed by a pool party. I was in the heat for hours and it sure made a big difference!"

S. M.— Midland, TX

"After using the heat modifying lotion, my observation of my heat intolerance improvement is that I am able to enter a humid 90+ degree facility and participate in a one-hour water aerobics class with much more ease. Previous to using the lotion on a short-term continued use basis, entering the facility felt much like entering a "blast furnace".  Now, entering the class is relatively easy."

P. C. - Fort Walton Beach, FL

I'm 67 years old, and very healthy. I have been using the lotion since May.

It has enabled me to be outside in the heat and actually feel good while taking care of our horses.

My body seems to acclimate to the heat when I use the lotion, and now I can comfortably withstand being outside for more than an hour with temperatures reaching into the upper 90's and even into the 100's, with the heat index being even higher than that.

I can do more work and stay outside longer than ever before in this intense heat and still feel energized since I've been using Dr. Cartwright's lotion.

The HEAT INDEX accounts for the fact that at a given hot temperature, it feels hotter if the relative humidity is higher. A higher relative humidity means that there is more moisture in the air, and more moisture in the air slows your body's ability to cool. This is because the primary cooling mechanism is the evaporation of sweat, and sweat will not be evaporated as easily if the air is already quite moist.

The value of the HEAT INDEX tells you how hot it feels outside given the temperature and relative humidity. For example (refer to chart below), if the temperature is 95, and the relative humidity is only 30%, the heat index is 96. If, however, the temperature is 95, but the relative humidity is 65%, then the heat index is 119! (Indicated by the blue box).

These examples demonstrate it can feel MUCH hotter if there is significantly more moisture in the air


If you're tired of being tired from the heat try HEAT-N-SYNC and experience the difference.
Formulated by Dr. Rudy Cartwright